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  • TTV

    TTV is a private satellite Nepali infotainment television channel . It broadcasts a wide genre of infotainment programs and the footprint of the channel spreads across 26 countries in South Asia, the Middle East and World Wide through IP TV (Internet Protocol Television).

  • Nepal Television

    Nepal Television was established in January 1985 with the slogan "Communications for Development." The television broadcasting in Nepal is completing its 27 years with Nepal Television's growth in fulfilling its social responsibility. NTV era is also a benchmark of professionalism in areas of information, education, health and entertainment. In the past two and a half decades, Nepal Television is accessible in the mountainous, hilly and Tarai belts of the country.

  • Himalaya Television

    Himalaya Television, named after the mighty Himalayas, is a channel that has a vision beyond the conventional vogues of broadcasting. Our ambition is not solely to show but also to raise awareness of human issues and embrace the heterogeneous needs of a multicultural society. Himalaya Television reaches out to all the people of Nepal from the plains of the Terai to the high ranges of the Himalayas and to those struggling for their livelihood abroad. We give priority to the needy and the marginalized and to those who really care about the sustainable development of the country. By doing so, we fulfill an important need, that is, expressing the sentiments of the voiceless mass.

  • News 24 Nepal

    News from Nepal 24 / 7

  • NBC Nepal

    Rise of Nepal Broadcasting Channel (NBC) is indeed an inerasable-incredible name in the media history of Nepal and April 21, 2010 is the date that ignited the revolution in Nepali Television Industry with an instigate of a news channel that redefined all existing trends of contemporary news channels. With our open assertion on a birth date of NEWS 24Nepal, it makes us proud to announce ascend of yet another channel that will cater true entertainment by the name of “e24Nepal” as the premium entertainment channel of Nepal.

  • Kantipur Television (KTV)

    Kantipur Television is Nepal's leading private television station. Popularly known as KTV, it is licensed for terrestrial and satellite transmission. Launched in July 2003, KTV today is Nepal's leading television station. During its nine years of operation, KTV has grown significantly and carved a niche in the broadcasting history of Nepal. It has gained popularity not only at home but among non- resident Nepalese community abroad as well.

  • Image TV

    Image TV brings world-class programming with a thoroughly local flavor designing it each time to take the national network to even greater standards of excellence and heights of popularity, adapting each time to suit the choice of all kinds of viewers.